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Games For Brand Promotion: Everything You Want To Know

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Games can be an effective tool for brand promotion, as they can help increase brand awareness, engagement, customer loyalty, and web traffic, and provide valuable data insights. It’s no wonder branded mini-games have been gaining so much popularity recently. More and more brands, regardless of their size or area of focus, start leveraging the power of branded mini-games, and this turns out to be quite successful.

See how mini-brand games can help your business and take your brand to a higher level:

  • Increased brand awareness. Branded mini-games can help increase your brand's visibility and awareness among your target audience. When people play your game, they will see your branding and be exposed to your messaging, which can help build brand recognition and recall.

  • Improved engagement. Branded mini-games can also help improve engagement with your brand. People are more likely to engage with a brand that provides them with a fun and entertaining experience. This can lead to increased loyalty and advocacy, as people are more likely to share their positive experiences with others.

  • Higher web traffic. Games for brands can also help drive traffic to your website. By promoting your game on social media or other channels, you can attract people to your website who may not have otherwise visited it. This positively affects your website's visibility and potentially leads to more conversions.

  • Data collection. Games for brand promotion can also provide valuable data about your audience. By tracking player behavior and preferences, you can gain insights into what your target audience likes and dislikes, which can help you tailor your marketing and product strategies.

  • Competitive advantage. Branded games give you a competitive advantage by differentiating your brand from competitors. If you can provide a fun and unique gaming experience, you may be able to attract and retain more clients.

There are various types of games that can be used for brand promotion, and these include:

  • Mobile games for customer engagement are games that can be played on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile games are a popular choice for brand promotion as they can be easily downloaded and played by a large audience.

  • Online games are games that are played over the internet and can be accessed through a web browser or a dedicated gaming platform. These branded games for business can be played on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

  • AR games for brand promotion use technology to overlay virtual elements onto the real world. This allows users to engage with the brand in a fun and interactive way by using their mobile devices to explore their surroundings and discover virtual objects.

  • VR branded games are immersive games that allow users to enter a virtual world and interact with objects and characters in a lifelike way. These branded mini-games require special equipment, such as a VR headset, and can provide a unique and memorable brand experience.

  • Gamification involves applying game-like elements to non-gaming situations, such as marketing campaigns, to engage customers and promote brand awareness. This could include challenges, rewards, leaderboards, and other game mechanics.

What are the main branded game genres?

Talking about game genres, the pool of options is so extensive and it only gets bigger with time. Once you decide on a branded game development, you should first select a genre. This requires some initial analysis as genres vary depending on the target audience and the type of brand.

However, some of the most popular branded game genres include:

  • Sports brands often create sports games for business engagement that allow players to experience their favorite sports in a virtual setting. Popular examples include FIFA, NBA 2K, and Madden NFL.

  • Car brands are known to create racing games that allow players to experience driving their favorite cars in a virtual setting. Examples include Need for Speed and Forza.

  • Action games are popular among many brands, especially those in the entertainment industry. Examples include Star Wars Battlefront and the Batman Arkham series.

  • Puzzle games are popular among many brands, especially those in the tech industry. Examples include Tetris and Candy Crush.

  • Brands in the gaming industry often create strategy games that allow players to build and manage their own cities, civilizations, or armies. Examples include the Age of Empires and Civilization.

  • Educational brands create branded mini-games that aim to teach players something while they play. Examples include Math Blaster and Oregon Trail.

  • Brands in various industries create simulation games for customer engagement that allow players to experience what it's like to manage a specific business or operation. Examples include SimCity and RollerCoaster Tycoon.

These are just a few examples of the most popular branded game genres, and there are many more. Ultimately, the popularity of a branded game genre depends on the target audience and the brand's goals for the game. It’s important to carefully study the customers’ requirements and analyze the main competitors and the current market state to make the right choice and hit the target.

HitBerry Games is a mobile app development studio that has deep expertise and prolonged experience in branded mini-games development. Our mobile games development studio brings together high-skilled and dedicated talents ready to implement your ideas and create a superb branded game that will exceed all your expectations. We provide mobile games outsourcing development to enhance your in-house team as well as full-cycle mobile games development services for enterprises and start-ups.

In terms of each project, we use top-notch technology and apply creative vision and prolonged experience to deliver stunning games for brand promotion that will help you reach your business goals efficiently. Our team will provide you not only with advanced mini-brand games development services but also focus on your brand’s marketing strategy.

Contact us now and let’s create a mini game for your brand!



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