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The Angriest Whopper: Branded Games Big Cases

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

We cannot fight our huge love for branded games. These mini custom games are not only good for boosting customer engagement and scaling up customer loyalty - they are now quite entertaining and fun to play. We should give them credit - branded games have evolved much over recent years.

When only emerged, brand games were considered to be nothing more than a marketing tool - not addictive games people really enjoy. Some people even called them weird and creepy. Well, we wouldn’t go to the extreme so we just say that today's games for brand promotion are way better than before.

So taking into account the extreme growth and expansion of games for marketing, we think they are worth a bit of your attention. We can prove you mini games for brands can be addictive too!

We continue the series of posts about the branded games big cases you should know about! And what do we have for you this time? It’s Burger King’s game called The Angriest Whopper. Let’s not waste time and get down straight to business.

The case of Burger King

Is there a single person in the whole world who has neither tried Burger King’s fast food nor heard about it? We doubt that! But just in case - a few words about the chain.

Founded back in 1954, Burger King is a global fast-food chain that is known for its flame-grilled burgers and iconic Whopper sandwich.

Burger King operates over 18,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries around the world. The chain serves a variety of burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and desserts, along with a range of breakfast items.

One of Burger King's most famous products is the Whopper, which was introduced long ago in 1957. The Whopper is a flame-grilled burger made with a beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup, and mayonnaise, served on a sesame seed bun. The Whopper has become a symbol of the Burger King brand and is often used in the company's marketing campaigns. And that is exactly what we’re talking about in this post.

Burger King has been known for its innovative marketing campaigns, such as the "Have it Your Way" slogan introduced in the 1970s, which emphasized the company's commitment to customization and customer choice. The chain has also launched several memorable advertising campaigns, such as the "King" character, who appeared in commercials wearing a large, plastic mask and offering customers the "royal treatment."

Burger King has faced its share of challenges over the years, however, the company has continued with marketing campaigns that capture the attention of the public.

The Angriest Whopper campaign

Nowadays ads are at every turn. Let’s be honest - people are tired and sometimes even irritated with image or video ads they have to see a thousand times a day no matter where they go. Overwhelmed with intrusive offerings, consumers often find such ads rather repulsive, and not appealing. That is why brands and marketing specialists are desperately looking for new ways to reach out to consumers, draw their attention, and win their hearts. The task is quite challenging, isn’t it? But branded games turned out to be an efficient solution. The trend is gaining momentum as more and more brands all over the world (regardless of size or area of focus) start taking advantage of mini games for brand promotion.

The Angriest Whopper is a limited-time menu item and promotional game released by the fast-food chain Burger King. Burger King and their advertising agency were searching for a new way to engage with their consumers. This is how the idea of a casual game appeared. The brand game is built on the innovative Game Ad Platform and integrated into Burger King’s existing mobile app.

The principle of the game is simple yet addictive: the game features a flame-haired character named "Spice," who must navigate through a fiery world to find the Angriest Whopper.

Players must jump over flames, dodge obstacles, and collect points along the way. The game also includes power-ups that can be used to boost Spice's abilities and help her reach her goal faster. The mini brand game has been praised for its fun gameplay and engaging graphics, making it a popular promotional tool for Burger King.

In addition to the game, Burger King also launched a marketing campaign featuring angry customers who were fed up with bland fast food. The campaign played on the idea that the Angriest Whopper was the answer to their frustrations, offering a bold and spicy alternative to traditional fast food options.

The campaign results

Needless to say, the Angriest Whopper and its accompanying promotional game were a successful marketing campaign for Burger King. The bold flavors and fun gameplay helped to attract new customers and engage existing ones, making it a memorable addition to the fast-food chain's menu.

This example demonstrates how companies with a large user base can make up innovative and engaging ad content. And here is what we cannot leave unnoticed - maximum audience engagement was achieved with a zero media budget! After less than 2 months, the game gained over 1 million game sessions and more than 2.5 million downloads. Isn’t it mind-blowing?

We hope this use case inspires you to experiment ad conquer new heights! Do you want to try to repeat Burger King’s success? We are here for you! HitBerry Games can be your reliable partner for developing outstanding games for marketing!

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We’ve been growing, expanding the pool of our services, sharpening our skills, and gaining valuable experience. HitBerry Games provides high-end technology solutions for even the most complex cases. Our studio creates brand games from scratch as well as offers skillful experts for mobile games outsourcing.

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