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What Makes The Best Game Development Studios

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Best game development studios

Do you know what it takes to become a top mobile app development studio? In this post, we've gathered all the necessary information. Read and find out how to make a game development company successful!


The video gaming industry has been evolving for years starting from the simple coin-operated arcade machines up till now - when we can play whenever we want to - using our computers, phones, etc. Video games are no longer for entertainment only. Today you can use them as educational tools, excellent marketing instruments, sources of income, or even everything simultaneously! Sounds fantastic yet true. The mobile games development industry is expanding and gaining momentum every single day. The range of options is getting wider as there appear more new genres and styles. The most popular video game genres among players worldwide include shooter, action-adventure, simulation, racing, sports games, fighting games, role-playing games, real-time strategy games, etc.

With all this, the market today is highly competitive. It has been showing remarkable share growth over the past years and experts make quite optimistic predictions for the future. According to numerous studies, players all over the world spend billions on video games.

Once users open the store, they can see a huge variety of games - to any taste. They’ve got a lot to choose from. That is why, the further it gets - the more difficult it becomes to launch a game that will reach the top. It takes developers and designers to put a lot of time and effort into mobile games development and make sure the final release is bug-free, visually appealing, and works as supposed to.

As video games’ popularity keeps rising steadily, the list of mobile games development studios continues to grow as well. Countless new companies come to the market trying to find their place in the sun. There are small studios and large companies. Mobile games development companies specialize in conceptualizing, designing, developing, and promoting games. Once you have got an interesting concept and want professionals to implement it in reality, you’ve got plenty of options to select from. Various studios provide services at different prices and under different terms.

We cannot enlist every mobile games development company in the world, and it’s even difficult to make a list of the best studios because their number is so big and it keeps rising. However, in this post, we are going to pull back the curtain on the gaming industry for you.

What makes a mobile app development studio successful and popular?

When choosing a mobile app development studio, you should consider several crucial factors. They are as follows:

It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the basic conditions first, take a look at the company’s portfolio, and then make the right decision.

As for the important factors listed above, they all are subjective. What we mean is that for each project there are specific requirements and limitations. It is up to you to decide what company suits your demands and what - does not. At least, every project has a defined budget, and so on. If you look through a few lists of top mobile games creation companies, you will see that not always (we would even say rarely) the first company is the one being in the industry longer than the competitors. Experience matters, of course, but young studios often show great results and can compete with old and well-known companies on equal terms. They also can create experiences that appeal to everybody - whatever your age is. So, considering that there appear to be more and more new mobile games development companies that attract clients massively, what should older studios do to stay on track? Being open to new ideas and modern approaches is what helps to remain relevant.

What else? Companies that deliver fun and accessible games are the winners because these factors are highly prioritized now. As we have already mentioned, the market is too competitive nowadays. Clients are eager to maximize monetization and keep players focused on the game as long as possible. To reach these goals it takes the game to be interesting, entertaining, and impossible to put down. Well, this requires a lot of skills, knowledge, effort, and dedication. Game accessibility is another key factor. The expanding gaming industry attracts players of various age categories. There is no wonder in seeing a child and parents enjoying the same video game. That is why it is important to make games accessible and easy-playable for anyone.

What you’re also recommended to pay attention to are the company’s core services. Core services are what the team mostly focuses on. This means they are good at it. It is a nice idea to opt for a studio that focuses precisely on the service you need. However, it does not mean they are good only at it. No way. This just makes up the majority of the projects the company takes on. They say, practice makes perfect, doesn’t it?

Having analyzed several listings of top mobile games development studios and looked through the pros and cons, we have distinguished the following drawbacks some studios have:

  • No options in 3D games. Click here to learn more.

  • No free games available

  • The lack of proper customer support

  • No high-quality class desktop games

  • The lack of marketing and promotion tools

  • The relatively less engaging gamer community

These are the points clients find negative. Having one of them does not make a company bad or incompetent. After all, a client decides whether the drawback is crucial for the project or not.


To sum up, several key factors are making a mobile app development studio famous (services, experience, revenue, the number of projects, etc). Judging from the numerous lists, we can say that the number of the company’s successful projects is what needs to be prioritized when choosing a game development company for cooperation. A professional team will deliver a high-quality result that meets the customer’s expectations on time.

HitBerry Games is a mobile app development studio that works hard to develop top-quality and lucrative games. We satisfy our customers’ needs and deliver games that players enjoy. We are for constant development, upgrading, and improvement. We always keep up with the industry’s latest trends and move forward. We do believe that one day HitBerry Games will become one of the leading mobile games development companies. We see the clear goal and go together towards it.

Do you want to implement your concept and create a video game? Do not waste time - contact us and tell us about your idea.



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