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Branded Games Big Cases: Wanna Kicks App

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Gaming is the next big thing in the fashion industry

Fashion computer games are popping up here and there and worldwide brands - either small or large - start taking advantage of gaming to boost their brands’ awareness, impress the existing audience as well as attract new customers.

Gaming and fashion are two industries that have traditionally been separate, but in recent years, things have been changing drastically. As gaming evolves and becomes more mainstream, it is taking over a growing number of industries, fashion in particular, and revolutionizing them.

One way that gaming is influencing fashion is through the rise of esports. One of the reasons for the rise of esports is its accessibility. Unlike traditional sports, esports can be played by anyone with a computer, gaming console, or mobile device. This has made it easy for people to get involved and has helped to create a massive community of gamers.

Branded games are on the rise

Clothing brands are leveraging the power of games for marketing. This, in turn, boosts the rapid development of these mini-games.

Branded games are intuitive to play as the most important aspect is thinking about the player. What are games for brand promotion about? They are meant to be meant super playful and bring to life brand items.

An AR "try-on" start-up

As we continue exploring the greatest branded games use cases, we want to present another impressive example!

Last January, Wanna Kicks was introduced. In its first days of running, the app got more than 500,000 organic users.

What seemed completely impossible before is a reality now. Users can simply point their mobile phone cameras at their feet to sample new trainers. Most recently, the Wannaby start-up collaborated with Gucci providing the technology that allows Gucci's potential customers to try on variations of the brand's Ace trainers wherever they are.

The Wanna Kicks app

It is a popular mobile application designed for sneaker enthusiasts and shoppers. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms and offers a unique augmented reality feature that allows users to try on and virtually see how different pairs of sneakers look on their feet.

The app works by using the smartphone camera to scan the user's feet and then overlay the selected sneaker on top of the image of their feet. This way, customers get an accurate representation of how the shoe looks and fits without having to physically try it on.

The app features a wide range of popular sneaker brands and models, including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Converse, Air Jordan, Gucci, Yeezy, and more. Users can browse the collection by brand, color, style, or release date, and can also filter results by gender and size.

One of the most appealing features of the Wanna Kicks app is its ability to create shareable photos and videos of users wearing their selected sneakers so users can show off their sneaker collection to friends and family, or share their latest purchase on social media.

The app also offers a convenient shopping feature - selecting and buying sneakers directly from the app is possible, too. The app integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Zappos. Online shopping becomes simpler each day! Finding the sneakers a user loves and placing an order is super easy with the Wanna Kicks app. It takes up to a few minutes.

We should say, the Wanna Kicks app is a great tool for sneaker enthusiasts and shoppers alike. Its AR feature is innovative and convenient, and its integration with e-commerce platforms makes shopping for sneakers a breeze.

Final thoughts

We do believe that involving branded games and apps is a turning point for the fashion and retail sectors. such an approach brings businesses to a new level. The AR try-on has already caused a stir by providing a unique possibility to visualize a clothing item before it is delivered to the buyer's door.

We hope you found this information interesting as we did! Our team always keeps an eye on the industry’s latest trends and biggest buzzes. We make the most out of advanced technology to amaze our clients with first-rate branded mini-games and applications.

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